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Our eVisitor software is so easy

“Our eVisitor software is so easy, it just works. I never have to do anything to it.”

Paul, I.T. for a Federal courthouse

I would definitely use them again

“This is the first time I've used Threshold directly. I wanted to match exactly what another of our business units has on their pass, so assumed it would be easy. Threshold did not disappoint. Their Customer Service was exceptional. I was able to set up an account and order what I wanted within a 15 minute phone call. A few days later, I was notified the books were shipping. They look great and now have my own easy reorder form. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend their service. ”

Tina Hamilton, Medtronic, Milpitas, CA

eVisitor Software was just the right solution

“eVisitor Software was just the right solution for our "alternative medicine" production facility. It is simple, straightforward and easy for our staff to use. Right now, we use the system to identify and track contractors while we undergo construction. As that is completed, we will use eVisitor Software to keep records of Vendors and Maintenance personnel or the occasional guest or visitor. We are required by state law to have an accurate record of everyone in our facility at all times, and eVisitor lets me quickly pull a report of Who-Where-When. We chose the full color ink-jet printer because the crisp color photo and text make for quick identification at a glance. The THRESHOLD staff was extremely responsive throughout the installation and roll-out. The system is low maintenance, reliable and is a great fit for our needs. ”

Mike Lukijaniuk, Security Supervisor, Alternative Medicine Producer

Ordering the books was painless

“Ordering the books was painless and the rep that took my call made sure that I received the best price ever!”

Suzanne Booth, Consumer Cellular, Portland, OR

I would recommend this company to others.

“I had a wonderful experience regarding the service provided by Threshold from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend this company to others. ”

Gloria Dixon, Umicore Catalyst USA, LLC, Houston, TX

Was perfect for our lobby

“I received my Log Book mock-up very quickly. You included everything our company needed on the badge. Once everything was approved I received the product very fast! The sign in set was perfect for our lobby.”

Teri Navarro, CaaStle, Mountain View, CA

Save a good amount of $$$

“We have been able to save a good amount of money on our visitor passes by ordering through Data Management. We had previously tried several other companies and products - this one is the best, and with reasonable pricing. ”

Joy Schriber, Assistant Business Manager, WJRT-TV, Flint, MI

Security you can really see, while maintaining privacy

“Threshold' slogan, "security you can see," sums up a serious aspect of access control. As an event security officer, I know how crucial it is to see valid credentials that are quickly identifiable. I especially appreciate their sign-in logs, which maintain the confidentiality of those signing in. With so many dangerous ways that personal information can be exploited, its consequences will be far more costly than investing in a product that not only protects privacy, it also documents that a foreseeable breach of privacy was addressed with good practices.”

Mary Sheridan

It's simple and easy to use

“The Visitor Pass System works so well for us because it is simple and easy to use. The visitors sign-in themselves, which frees me up to take care of the front desk. The duplicate provides an automatic record of visitors who have been in our building.”

Lib Ledbetter, Fuji Corp

Don't have to worry about collecting the badge

“Visitor Passes make recording visitor presence easy. They are disposable. You don't have to worry about collecting the badge when the visitor leaves. ”

Dottie Sanford, Easter Seals

Easy way to identify people

“Visitor Passes are really great. It is an easy way to identify people. Even our employees are required to wear badges. Employees feel safer knowing who is who and that visitors are identified and allowed to be in certain areas. ”

Diane Bond, Goodwill Industries

Visitor Book takes up very little space

“Love Them - Takes much less space on our already filled counter!”

Chiara Ramos, Hill Brothers Chemical Company, Glendale, AZ

Great product!

“Great product - great price - great service”

Ed Vatilla, Matco Tools

Badges are confidential, just what we wanted

“Visitor sign in log is very confidential, just like we want it. They did a great job on it.”

Sidra Saleem, INOC

Could not have been more helpful or responsive

“The team at Threshold could not have been more helpful or responsive. We had one small error in the order, which they immediately corrected to my satisfaction. Very happy with the service. ”

Paul Martin, The Endurance International Group, Inc.

Great product!

“Great product, and very professional staff.”

Ahmed Ibrahim, Harvard Art Museums

I like using the product

“I enjoyed the Sales Representative, they are knowledgeable and friendly. I like using your product.”

Ramona Jackson, Menasha Packaging / Bridgeview

Definitely recommend

“Great customer service. Very helpful setting up account - easy reorders. Definitely recommend.”

Vicky Heiseler, Publicis Health

Very responsive to any inquiries

“Threshold is wonderful. They are very responsive to any inquiries you may have and are prompt to respond to your needs. I would suggest them to any company looking for a reliable company.”

Jolene Turrentine, Black Oak Casino, Tuolumne, CA

My orders are always shipped fast

“Every experience I have had with Threshold has been very positive. My orders are always shipped fast and there is never any errors.”

Dina Fox, RFR Realty LLC, Stamford, CT

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