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Confidential Sign-In Sheets

High-tech security solutions seem to always get the most buzz. The most sophisticated, state-of-the-art, modern solution is what gets attention from the media and people at large. The “newest and greatest” security systems, cameras, and access control systems continually try to sell you on all the bells and whistles they offer.

But what if you don’t need (and can’t afford) the latest and greatest high technology security solution?

The good news is there is a simple, inexpensive tool you can implement right now to help improve the security of your office.

How does the Confidential Visitor Sign-In Book work?
Two-part carbonless forms perform two jobs in one step - the white first part contains a "blockout" pattern on all names to protect the confidentiality of those signing in. The yellow second part provides an automatic duplicate record that lets only you and your staff see the names that are "blocked out" on the white first part. The right side of the two-part set is glued together as an additional confidentiality measure, protecting against subsequent visitors peeking inside.

How is the Confidential Visitor Sign-In Book “confidential”?
A security blocking pattern is printed over the fields on the top sheet of the product that contain sensitive information (visitor’s name, who they are there to visit, etc.) The security blocking allows visitors to see that the pen they are using is actually writing something (thanks to a little bit of white in the pattern). However, it prevents others from deciphering what is being written, such as visitors who sign in later; they can’t read any sensitive information on the top sheet. In addition, the right edges of the original and duplicate sheet are sealed together to further prevent snooping.

Why does the original top sheet have security blocking, but not the duplicate sheet?
The duplicate sheet does not have security blocking because it is for office use only. If the bottom sheet had security blocking, there would be no way to read the names of those who have signed in. However, information on the bottom duplicate sheet is hidden by the top original sheet.

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Confidential Visitor Sign-In Book for Businesses
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