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Build your own package. Users of eVisitor Software may wish to use these optional system components.

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C920 Camera and Desktop Camera Stand

eVisitorPass Camera and Stand

Take a current photo of your visitors. Elegant stand sits on desk and securely holds the eVisitor camera up at head level for better photography. Adjusts from 28.5" to 34.5" high. 6" base. 
Product SKU: EHW-C
Price: $307*
*There is an additional annual fee of $190 for this product starting in year 2 of use.    


Turbo Driver's License Reader with hands-free stand
3 seconds to sign in, 5 seconds to sign out (7 times faster than other readers)

eVisitorPass Turbo Driver's License Reader         Driver's license example         
     Multi-Reader can read driver's licenses and visitor badges

  • Reads driver's licenses that have a barcode on the back
  • Also scans badges at sign-out (at almost any angle for ease of use)
  • Does not capture the photo from the license, but:
    • You can use a camera (above) to photograph your visitor.
    • The stored photo will synchronize with the visitor's driver's license the next time he or she visits again.
  • No drivers to install. Uses standard drivers that the Windows operating system installs.

Price: $1,290*
*There is an additional annual fee of $190 for this product starting in year 2 of use.


Double-Sided Photo Driver’s License Reader with Cradle Base
15 seconds from scan to screen

  • Reads a driver's license no matter how they are inserted.
  • Captures a license photo in 4 seconds.
  • Driver's license number is irreversibly encrypted

Product SKU: EHW-PDLR2
Price: $2,490*
* There is an additional annual fee of $190 for this product starting in year 2 of use.


Sign-Out Scanner with hands free adjustable stand

eVisitorPass Sign-Out Scanner

Sign visitors out faster by scanning their visitor pass. Click the "scan out visitor" button. Then simply wave the badge under the scanner to complete the sign-out process.
Product SKU: EHW-SOS
Price: $91


Gemalto QS1000 Passport Reader (Limited Supply)

Gemalto QS1000 Passport Reader
Can read any passport, capture an image of any document, and scan a 2D barcode found on US, Canadian, and some other IDs, including European National ID cards.

Price: $2,095*
* There is an additional annual fee of $190 for this product starting in year 2 of use.  


Seiko SLP 720RT 

Product SKU: EPR-SE
Price: $331

  • The SLP720RT was designed to support applications with continuous on-demand output. The badge taken sensor combined with the partial cut allows for one badge at a time usage. With a print speed of 7.87 inch/sec (200 mm/sec), your next badge is delivered in a blink of an eye. Has anti-skid feet to keep it in place. Can take rolls with OD of 102mm (4.02 in.). Not compatible with 500 label rolls which have an OD of 4.4 in.
  • Rated for continuous operation.
  • 203 dpi
  • 2 year warranty by Seiko 


Zebra ZD410 printer

Zebra ZD410 printer

High performance printer is an optional upgrade to the DYMO printer above. Simpler to clean and maintain. Prints visitor passes in 4-6 seconds. No ink or toner to buy. Holds up to 500 badges. Direct thermal Printing, 2" Print width, 300 dpi, USB/Ethernet/Bluetooth LE Interfaces. Optional Ethernet port.

Product SKU: EPR-Z
Price: $609
(included with the Turbo Package with Zebra Printer)

Wireless Zebra printer is available as well.
Product: EPR-ZW
Price: $1,040


Zebra® Cutter Attachment

Zebra Cutter

The Zebra Cutter upgrades your Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal printer to add precision cutting. Automatically cuts to the exact size you need. Helps for a low-touch system. 

Price: $294   


Epson ColorWorks C4000 Gloss Printer

Print full-color, customized visitor badges. Ability to add a color photo, color logo, or color title/text to any badge to improve security. 

Prints a visitor badge in 4 - 8 seconds. High-quality, four-color inkjet printing. Individual ink cartridges for efficient use of ink. Printer comes with a set of four inks and a maintenance box.

Product SKU: EPR-EP
Price: $3,079
(included with the Turbo Color Package) 


Primera Printer Model # LX500

Primera Printer Model # LX500

High performance, full color printer that lets your brand, logo and visitor images shine through. Using a single ink cartridge with a built-in print head keeps maintenance low and quality high. Print photo-quality visitor badges in 15 – 20 seconds. Holds 250 badges per roll.

Product SKU: EPR-P
Price: $1,549



USB 3.0 Hub
eVisitorPass USB 3.0 Hub

4-port USB hub to connect your equipment using only 1 USB port on your computer. 

Price: $38