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Expiring Visitor Badges on Rolls

expiring visitor badges

Prevent unauthorized entry. Here’s how.

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge


FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge

DOT-Expiring Visitor Badge

Expiring visitor badges are VALID today, but VOID tomorrow

Expiring Visitor Badges change color overnight to prevent reuse.

  • Once activated, the visitor’s badge gradually changes color.
  • By the next day, the badge is completely VOID, so it can’t be reused. 
  • Since it can’t be reused, the badge does not need to be collected at the end of a visit. 

Expiring Visitor Badges show you instantly if visitors have signed in today.

  • If the badge is WHITE, the visitor’s I.D. is authentic.
  • If the badge shows “VOID,” the visitor’s badge has expired, and the visitor should be questioned.

Expiring Visitor Badges come in two formats:

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