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Expiring Screened Sticker (with "Date")

How do you know who has been SCREENED?

Expiring SCREENED Stickers identify who has been screened today. Tomorrow, they say "VOID" to prevent reuse.

1. Write the date on the sticker for staff and visitors to wear after daily screening.

Expiring Screened Sticker is valid today

2. Fold the tab under where indicated to activate the color-changing process.

Expiring Screened Sticker is VOID tomorrow

3. The sticker changes color overnight to prevent reuse. VALID today, VOID tomorrow.

Product comes in ROLLS for use with a pen.

  • Size: 2 5/16" x 1 3/16"
  • Quantity: 1,000 stickers per pack (2 rolls of 500 stickers)
  • Price: $135 per pack
  • Also available without the word "Date"
  • Request free samples

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