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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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Touchscreen visitor management systems make registering visitors a breeze

by Paul Kazlauskas

 Touchscreen visitor management systems make registering visitors simple

The process of registering building visitors is progressing and changing. One of the newer technologies in visitor management is touchscreen monitors. The ubiquity of touchscreens in our daily lives (namely, smartphones) has made using the technology something of an afterthought. Touchscreens are so easy to use. They don’t require high levels of concentration or training to use them.

Self-serve touchscreen kiosks can already be found in numerous situations in everyday life, such as airport registration, supermarket checkout and end-of-aisle displays, wayfinding services at amusement parks, and open-house registrations. It’s a perfect application for visitor management. Touchscreen systems improve the visitor experience and add value to organizations that implement them. Please see our list below to learn more.

Touchscreen visitor management systems are made to be self-serving, meaning you don’t have to dedicate an employee to enter the visitor’s information into the VMS. The visitor does all the data input. A receptionist can continue with their daily work and simply hand over a visitor badge once it’s printed.

Faster processing of visitors
Using a traditional mouse and keyboard takes more time than using a touchscreen, as users have to correlate mouse movement and clicks with interactions on the screen. Touchscreens simplify the visitor sign-in process by guiding the user along with step-by-step, clear directions. Tasks can be completed more quickly and visitors can be processed in less time, which makes for a more efficient front desk and lobby.

Electronic document signing
As visitors register, they can be prompted to sign any “hold-harmless”, non-disclosure agreements or waivers directly on the touchscreen. The visitor management system can capture their actual signature and not just a representation or initials. Visitors know what is expected of them while on the premises, and the facility has its guarded information properly protected before the visitor gets past the front lobby.

A critical benefit of visitor management touchscreens are the ability to present a logical, bite-sized progression of entering information. The screen-by-screen approach allows the system to ask one question at a time. This keeps the visitor focused on a single task per screen, as opposed to a single screen with multiple fields to fill in. Accuracy of visitor information is improved because you aren’t asking too much of your visitor.

User-friendliness for all
Touchscreen visitor management systems are valuable to users who may have physical issues. For example, a visitor in a wheelchair may have trouble reaching a visitor sign-in desk to either fill out a badge or type their information into a system. Sometimes a touchscreen is mobile and can be placed on their lap to use. In addition, users with dexterity issues (i.e. arthritis) would find using a touchscreen visitor management system much easier to use than trying to manipulate a mouse or type on a keyboard.

Efficient use of space
Touchscreens allow you to set up kiosks in confined areas because they aren’t very large. The clean and modern presentation creates a great first impression upon visitor’s arrival.

What other ways does a touchscreen visitor management system provide value and benefits compared to its more traditional VMS configurations? Please join the conversation below by adding your thoughts in the “Comments” area.

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Posted on 8/27/2018