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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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At last - a better expiring visitor badge!

by Paul Kazlauskas

New Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badges change color overnight to prevent reuse, plus offers BIG advantages over its expiring badge predecessors. It is simple, affordable, and secure.

Less costly

Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badges cost $189 per pack of 1,000. That is 17% to 35% less than other styles of expiring visitor badges.

More secure

The product’s default state after being printed looks like the badge is expired. The badge is not valid to wear until it is authenticated by placing the white dot on the red circle on front of the visitor badge. This process ensures that the badge is activated correctly every time a visitor puts it on. Gone are the days of someone being given an expiring visitor badge without having it be activated and the color changing process begun so it shows a bright pink “void” after 4 to 6 hours.

Easier to activate

The pass comes with everything you need to start the color-changing process. The badge, front piece dot, and directions are all right there for your convenience. The built-in activation provides better visual security for your facility and ease of use for your visitors.

Here’s how it works:

 Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badge
(1) Each badge comes out of the printer showing it is VOID, with a white sticker attached to the label liner.

 Activating a Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badge
(2) The badge isn’t valid to wear until the attached white sticker is placed over the red VOID circle. This also activates the color-changing process that gradually turns a VALID badge today into a VOID badge tomorrow.

Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badge in-use 
(3) Now the badge is VALID and ready for the visit.

Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badge - VOID
(4) By the next day, the badge is completely VOID and can’t be reused.

Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badges work with most direct thermal printers…

Zebra Direct Thermal Printer

Zebra desktop printers

Seiko Direct Thermal Printer 

Seiko SLP Series

DYMO Direct Thermal Printer

DYMO (400 series only)

…and many visitor management systems including...

  • Easy Lobby
  • eVisitor
  • Fast-Pass
  • PassagePoint
  • Reptrax (by IntelliCentrics)
  • Savance Workplace
  • Splan
  • Traction Guest

Badges that are VALID today and VOID tomorrow give thousands of users Security You Can See! Expiring visitor badges improve facility security in many ways:

  • Provide a visual alert (and peace of mind)
  • Discourage reuse and prevent unauthorized entry
  • Improve security by requiring daily sign-in
  • Remove need to collect badges at end of visit
  • See more here

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Fits most direct thermal printers and many visitor management systems.

Posted on 7/6/2022