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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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Six reasons why using expiring visitor badges improves facility security

by Paul Kazlauskas

expiring visitor badges are valid today, VOID tomorrow

Here are six reasons your facility should be using expiring visitor badges for better building security:

1. Visual Alert.
Your visitor badges are VALID today and, after changing color overnight, VOID tomorrow. This makes it easy to spot an invalid badge. The color change on the badge is a great visual indicator that a visitor’s presence should be questioned by staff or the Security Department.

2. Peace of Mind.
Your staff knows that if a badge is WHITE, the visitor’s I.D. is authentic. The visitor has been registered at the front desk/lobby and their presence in the building is for a legitimate purpose. Staff members don’t have to wonder who this person is and what they are doing in the building the way they might if they saw an unbadged stranger in the halls at work.

3. Discourage reuse.
If a visitor wants to use a badge from a previous visit, they’ll see it says “VOID” and they can't reuse it. They know that re-accessing the facility will come with immediate risks of being spotted as someone who doesn’t belong there.

4. Prevent unauthorized access.
If someone does try to reuse an expired badge, the “VOID” will show them as not having signed in that day, and they’ll be stopped. Your staff and security personnel should be on the lookout for visitor badges that have changed color.

5. Extra security.
Having visitor badges that expire requires visitors to sign in every day they come to your facility. This is good security practice. Even if a guest is planning on visiting multiple times over a short period, they should still sign in every day for the security of the staff and building contents.

6. Convenience.
Since these visitor badges can’t be reused, your staff doesn’t have to collect them at the end of a visit. This makes a receptionist’s job easier as they only have to concern themselves with registering guests as they arrive. Front desk personnel won’t have to pause their work to sign someone out upon completion of the visit.

Expiring visitor badges come equipped with “EXPIRING Technology.” This makes them change color overnight, from plain white to a bright pink “VOID.” Expiring visitor badges always let you know who has permission to be in your building and who doesn't because the security is built right in.

How Visitor Badges with Expiring Technology change color:

This EXPIRING Visitor Badge has a “tab” with special ink on the back.
TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge

After printing each visitor badge, fold the tab behind it (see below).

The special ink gradually moves from the tab to the front of the badge. By the next day, the badge is completely “VOID.”
how expiring visitor badges work

See this quick video to learn more (1 minute, 18 seconds).

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See for yourself how they can improve your facility’s security.

Posted on 2/23/2024