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Quiz: Time to upgrade your visitor sign-in process?
We can help you decide.

First, rate your current visitor sign-in process

Answer the ten questions below.

The more "yes" answers, the more secure your process.

Does your current visitor sign-in process...
1. Work as reliably as you need it to?  
2. Require that visitors sign in every time they arrive? 
3. Keep a record of visitors for emergency evacuations and contact tracing? 
4. Ensure visitor privacy, so those that follow can't see who preceded them? 
5. Keep visitors moving so it does not create long lines in your lobby? 
6. Identify that the user has been screened or vaccinated for COVID? 
7. Issue a badge that shows at a glance whether it is valid or not? 
8. Require a driver's license that can be scanned?  
9. Provide a photo I.D. badge? 
10. Integrate with other information or systems?  

8-10 "yes" answers = Very Secure
5-7 "yes" answers = Secure
1-4 "yes" answers = Somewhat Secure

(These are general guidelines.)

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