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eVisitor FAQs


What do I need to run eVisitor?
A windows computer with high speed internet access is all you need to run eVisitor. eVisitor has a small app which connects your computer to our cloud-based system (more info).

How long does it take to get started with eVisitor?
Installation and basic training typically takes less than 30 minutes. Once your equipment arrives and you set up an installation appointment,  you can get started within an hour. Installation, training and support is provided remotely.

How secure is eVisitor?

  • eVisitor is housed at one of the largest data warehouses in the world.
  • eVisitor uses 256-bit SSL data encryption technology to move data through the internet. This is the same technology as on-line banking systems.
  • We store as little personal information as possible in eVisitor Software.
  • We use irreversible encryption to protect driver's license number. This can't be reversed. 
  • There are no credit card numbers or other broadly-valuable information stored in the system.

My office only has MAC computers. Can we run eVisitor?

Some solutions that our customers have implemented include:

  • Run a virtual windows computer inside your MAC. Oracle's Virtual Box is a good solution. (more info)
  • Remote into a Windows terminal
  • Partition the MAC hard drive for Windows with Apple's Boot Camp.

What can eVisitor Software Can Do?

Will eVisitor read a driver's license?

  • Yes, eVisitor will read your visitor's information from a driver's license using one our Driver's License Readers. Click here for ID scanners.
  • We read driver's licenses that follow the AAMVA standard which is most licenses in the USA as well as a number of other countries.

Will eVisitor show a picture of my visitor?

Our most popular packages include a camera to take a current picture of every visitor. Using a current pciture is a security best practice for accurate identification. eVisitor with a scanner can use a picture from a driver's license. Reading the picture from a driver's license is usually a lower quality picture. 

Will eVisitor print a visitor badge?
Yes, we have a large variety of badges for eVisitor. See your choices.

Will eVisitor remember a returning visitor?
Yes, eVisitor will remember a visitor's name, company, photo and alert status.

How do I issue visitor badges during off-hours? What if my internet connection is down or my computer breaks?
We recommend you purchase a manual visitor badge sign-in book to use for off-hours or when your computer is not working. When the attendant is next in, he/she may log the registry book entries into eVisitor so you have a complete electronic record of your visitors.

Can I have more than one computer running eVisitor?
Yes, eVisitor supports multiple terminals. You may have as many terminals as you want  (more info). They can be located anywhere (next to each other, or in another state). Each sign-in or sign-out terminal requires a software license. You may run eVisitor on a back-office terminal for reporting and pre-registration (this functionality is included with your purchase).

What can I customize in eVisitor?

  • Logo
  • Visitor Categories
  • Destination (The "Visiting" list)
  • Badge layout including photo or no-photo.
  • Visitor alerts (flags), Visitor alert notes.

Can I pre-register a visitor?

Yes, the eVisitor attendant can pre-register a visitor into the system for a future visit. Employees can email the eVisitor attendant with pre-registration requests, whether for an individual or a group. You can pre-print the badges and just scan the visitor in when they arrive.

What kind of reports can I get?
eVisitor provides flexible reporting options. The four basic report layouts which can be filtered for a specific date-range include:

  • Visitors Log - of all visitors or a single type of visitor.
  • Single visitors detail
  • Evacuation list
  • Flagged visitors list

Standard reports can be:

  • Printed to your printer
  • Sent to Excel for analysis
  • Sent to Word or PDF for archiving or sharing.

How do I Flag a visitor? 

To Flag a visitor:

  • Bring up the visitor (like you are going to give them a badge).
  • Double Click on the photo area.
  • On the lower left corner, you can set a red, green or yellow flag.
  • Then you can add a note to the flag. E.g. "Do not admit".
  • Click DONE to save it.
  • Now you can sign them in, or click "more actions, cancel".


What do I do when someone signs in who has been previously flagged?

Your security team should have a protocol in-place for each flag type (red, yellow, green). You should train attendents on how to repond according to your protocol. 

Does eVisitor support foreign languages?

  • The eVisitor screens and reports are in English.
  • All of your badge fields, including your logo, the Name, Company, and Date, can be in any language. This includes the categories of visitors. 
  • For example, your badges can say "VISITANTE" instead of "VISITOR"on top. You supply the language and we can implement it. 
  • Here is an example of a Spanish site.


If you are not fully satisfied, return your order within 30 days of receipt for full credit, replacement, or refund.

Hardware components for eVisitor carry the manufacturer’s warranty. Please be sure to fill out the included warranty card that is provided by the manufacturer.
THRESHOLD warranty info     Equipment warranty info

Who do I call if my system is down?
You may call us at 800-243-1969 ext. 388 (M-F, 9am-5pm EST) or email us at (More info)

During off-hours or if your system is down, you may use the manual registry book. The manually issued passes can be entered into eVisitor once service is restored.

What is the eVisitor Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
We strive to have 99% uptime for eVisitor Software. (More info)

What is the eVisitor End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)?
See the EULA here. 


What are the system requirements?

  • eVisitor is a cloud-based solution with a very small local app.
  • MS supported versions of Windows (currently 7, 8 & 10).
  • 2 or more GB RAM
  • High speed internet
  • USB port
  • Admin rights on your computer for the install (more info) is not working does not seem to be compatible with Firefox. Use Edge or Chrome. 

My corporate network is not allowing eVisitor to log on. What do we need to unblock?
Your network and firewall must allow access to our servers. (more info)

Can I share a printer with multiple terminals?

  • We recommend one printer per terminal.
  • You can share your printer on your network, but this is not a configuration that we support.
  • Reminder: each terminal that can print requires a software license.

My DYMO 450 printer takes longer than expected to print a badge.

DYMO 450 printers unnecessarily delay the printing of a badge. This can be addressed. Click here for more information.

Why should I upgrade to a Zebra printer?
The Zebra ZD410 printer is a preferred printer and works well in high-volume situations. Click here for more information.


See Maintenance Page.


Does a reporting or pre-registration terminal cost extra?
An admin login for back-office reporting or pre-registration is included in most packages. Stations that check-in or check-out visitors each need to be individually licensed.

What is the eVisitor privacy policy?
We value your privacy. We do not share your information with any outside organizations. eVisitor privacy follows THRESHOLD's privacy policy. (more info)

How long does training take?
Installation and training is usually accomplished in 30 min to 1 hour. We do this remotely.

How long does it take to install a system?
Installation and training is usually accomplished in 30 min to 1 hour. We do this remotely.

If I don't have the computer hardware I need to run eVisitor, can you sell it to me?
No, we do not sell computers. However, we can help recommend one to you.

A visitor is concerned about personal information from his license being stored in eVisitor. What data is being read from the license?
We take security very seriously. We store as little personal information from a drivers license as possible. We only save the First Name, Last Name, Photo (with the deluxe reader), and an encrypted Drivers License Number. The Drivers License Number is irreversibly encrypted. We do not store any other information from the driver's license. If a visitor still does not want their license read by the system, you can type the name in manually.

Can I upload my list of visitors into eVisitor?
Yes, we can pre-register a list of visitors for you. Contact us for assistance.

Can the system scan other forms of ID? 
No, the current version of eVisitor will only read U.S. driver's licenses. 

Another idea would be to have a software that we could manage from the three entry points that would be immediately updated and can be seen by the other stations. We have a limit of visitors allowed in each patient room at any given time and want to be able to know if someone is already in a room that entered from another station. We would hand out reusable badges to identify the visitors. Do you have anything like that?
eVisitor does support multiple terminals that all synchronize together. While we have not specifically built a feature to track Visitors per room, that can be accomplished in eVisitor. We may build a feature specifically for this in the future. If you enter the room number being visited in the "Visiting" field, or in the "Notes" field, you can see the room being visited on the Visitors Log screen.

We like to have all the name badges printed before the meeting starts so we can hand them out as they arrive. 
eVisitor supports this function with the "Preprint badges" button on the preregistered list.

If so could we import a list of attendees from an excel spreadsheet or something similar.
At this point, we can load a list of visitors for you. We have not polished the interface for customers to do this, but it would not be hard to finish up. Also see answer to #9 below

Brother QL-720NW, do you know if this is compatible with the eVisitor software? Would this printer be compatible with the Self Expiring badges? Is there any limit to how? 
Yes, we have expiring labels compatible wiht the Brother QL series printers.

Is there any limit to how much data or how far back the database of visitors can go?
We will keep you data for one year. There is no real limit to the number of visitors you can have.

Does it start clearing any historic data?
At the end of year two, you will need to purge data that is older than 1 year. You can export it to excel or PDF before purging.

What data is saved for us to report on? Can the data be searched for specific quests, dates or events?
Standard reports filter on "Visitor Type" and "Date". All reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis and reporting

Is there any option for a self sign in? Like a terminal for guests to use?
We are considering creating a Kiosk Mode, but it is not available yet.

Is there any app that can go on a tablet or anything?
Yes, eVisitor runs on any Windows tablet including a Microsoft Surface.

Does the system integrate into any meeting management software?
No, the eVisitor does not integrate with a meeting management system. We may add support for "Meetings or Special Events" in the future. When we do, we expect to support your Questions 1 and 2.