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Collect visitor information at sign-in to help with contact tracing.

eVisitor software 

eVisitor Software Registration Screen

Collect VISITOR CONTACT INFORMATION (phone number or any contact info you want) when visitors sign in so you have a way to reach them in case of an event that requires contact tracing at your facility.

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Facility Contact Tracing Log

Confidential Visitor Sign-In Books with Contact Tracing 
for use with your screening process.

Visitors write their name and phone number on the black boxes, making that information private.

Keeps an automatic record, in case of COVID-19 exposure to assist with Contact Tracing.

Style: 113-IM
Book size: 8.5" x 11"
# sign-in entries/book: 500
Price/book: $43*
*Minimum 2-book purchase required

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Confidential Visitor Sign-In Books with Contact Tracing