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How to reorder your THRESHOLD Books FAST!

Reorder in 3 easy steps:

 (Applies to these products)

1) Look on the duplicate record sheet. (see red arrow below)

2) Search by style number.

Below is a close-up representation with the style number circled in red.

3) Click to reorder.

Once you have the style number, enter it in the SEARCH box.
(see visual below, box is in top right corner near the magnifying glass)

  • The SEARCH box is located in the top right hand corner of every page of the site.

Once you search for your style number, the 1st result (that contains the badge image) will lead you to a page where you can purchase. (see visual below)

This applies to reordering of any of the following products...

  • Any manual Visitor Badge Sign-In Book (expiring or non-expiring badges)
  • Tardy Slips or Early Dismissal Slips
  • Any Confidential Visitor Sign-in Book (no badges)
  • Student Sign-Out Books
  • Student Sign-In Books
  • Patient Sign-In Books

If you have any problems, please call 800-243-1969.
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