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What is the difference between TAB-Expiring Badges and FULL-Expiring Badges?

by Paul Kazlauskas

The TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badges are valid today, void tomorrow

The TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge is the world’s most efficient expiring badge solution. It’s called “TAB-Expiring” because the expiration components are part of the tab attached to the self-adhesive badge.

Unlike traditional time-expiring badges that require assembly of multiple pieces, this patented one-piece design makes activation virtually foolproof. Available for both manual and electronic visitor management systems, the TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge guarantees proper activation, every time and saves time at the front desk too!

See our list of printers and visitor management systems that TAB-Expiring Badges are compatible with.

How it works

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge unactivated

After the visitor’s information is printed or written onto the badge, it’s peeled from the liner, and the tab is folded behind the badge.

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge being activated

This is all it takes to activate the color-changing chemistry…guaranteed! Overnight, a “VOID” image appears on the badge, discouraging reuse by visitors who have left.

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge expired

The TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge always lets you know who has permission to be in your facility and who doesn’t, because security is built right in.

The FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge

FULL-Expiring Visitor Badges are valid today, void tomorrow

The FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge is your most visible expiring badge solution because the entire visitor badge changes color. Overnight, an expired image is revealed that covers the entire face of the badge. It can be seen from a distance and easily identifies any visitor trying to re-use the visitor badge the next day or at any time in the future.

Like all of our time-expiring visitor badges, the FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge is available for both manual and electronic use, quickly integrating into any facility’s current visitor management system.

See our list of printers and visitor management systems that FULL-Expiring Badges are compatible with.

How it works

Once printed or filled out, simply peel the white front piece from its liner.

FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge being activated

Next, stick it on top of the red back piece to activate a tamperproof expiration process...

… and it’s ready to wear…

FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge expired

...until it becomes VOID the next day.

The FULL-Expiring Visitor Pass is also versatile. You have your choice of three convenient ways for your visitors to wear the badge. Visitors can stick-it (use of the adhesive badge on its own) ... clip-it (using a plastic clip) … or hang it with a lanyard.

Visitor Badge Accessories       Lanyards

The FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge is your high-visibility solution to help identify your visitors and keep your facility safe and secure.

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Posted on 2/7/2022