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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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Visitor Management Software with Flag Alert feature aids in Hospital Security

by Paul Kazlauskas

hospital security, visitor management

Imagine a bustling hospital in an urban city on a regular Friday morning. Among the stream of visitors coming in and out, there's someone who shouldn't be there—a person previously involved in a security incident. Thanks to the hospital's visitor management software with a Flag Alert lookup feature, the front desk attendant receives an instant alert. This proactive measure allows the security team to ensure the individual doesn't access the building. This isn't just a hypothetical scenario; it's a real possibility in today's hospitals, underscoring the critical need for advanced security measures like Flag Alerts in visitor management systems.

Hospitals are in the business of healing, but are certainly not immune to security threats. From unauthorized access to potential threats posed by individuals with a history of violence, the security challenges are complex and vast. People come to expect hospitals to have an “open-campus”-type feel, but preserving that feel while maintaining the security of people and property is a daunting task.

In this context, the Flag Alert feature serves as a crucial tool for preemptive security. "Flags" alert the front desk for all kinds of reasons. It allows security directors to input names of persons of interest or banned individuals for a host of reasons. When a person on the banned list tries to enter the facility, the system alerts the front desk attendant. The flags and notes only show to the desk attendant, not the visitor. The security team needs to proactively have a protocol established for this scenario, but the Flag Alert to the front desk attendant starts the process if there is a match with a visitor on the list.

An example of a visitor management software with a Flag Alert feature is eVisitor Software. The system not only streamlines the visitor check-in process, prints professional visitor badges, and runs reports on visitor activity, but also includes a Flag Alert feature. Color-coded Flag Alerts can be set up for a myriad of reasons including a Red Flag Alert (illustrated in the image below) that will not allow a visitor badge to be printed. By documenting visitors and alerting front desk personnel to potential threats, eVisitor Software helps the security team maintain a safe environment for everyone on the premises.

eVisitor Software Flag Alerts

Here is what a satisfied eVisitor Customer recently said...

“The new quick Flag Alert/BOLO lookup feature in our eVisitor software is already paying dividends as one of our Receptionists was able to recognize and prevent access to a banned visitor today. The individual was attempting to access the building using an invalid badge. The receptionist recognized the face and name from reviewing the banned visitor list earlier in her shift and was able to quickly click over to confirm. Nice work all!”
Blake Robertson, MBA, CHEC II
Director Support Operations | Emergency Preparedness
LeBonheur Children’s Hospital - Memphis, TN

The implementation of a Flag Alert lookup feature in visitor management software is about creating a safer, more secure environment for patients, staff, visitors, and hospital property. By leveraging data, technology, and human vigilance, hospitals can anticipate and mitigate potential threats before people with bad intentions gain access to the facility.

eVisitor Software is a stand-along visitor management systems that can affordably increase your facility security and help you always know who is in your building. eVisitor makes it easy for facilities to log, identify, track, and run reports on visitors. Watch this video to learn more, then request a free demo today!

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Posted on 2/15/2024