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Product Tip: Where is the Visitor Pass duplicate log? Glued to the labels? WHY?!

by Suzanne Corcoran

Visitor Pass Registry Book, duplicate record, duplicate log

Last week, a new Visitor Pass Registry Book customer named Mary Ann called to ask where her duplicate copy was. Faithe, in Customer Service, explained that it’s attached to the sheet of visitor badges, along the edge on the right side.

While relieved to know she actually had the confidential, automatic duplicate log she ordered, Mary Ann wondered why we take this extra step with our Threshold? There are two reasons:

By sealing the right edge…

1) … our duplicate log is truly confidential. It’s not easy to “snoop” and see who has signed in ahead of you by just lifting the sheet. The “Nosy Nelly” would have to separate the two sheets to see the duplicate log below – and that effort is just too noticeable to be done secretly. This security feature helps maintain family privacy in schools and hospitals, and keeps company information confidential for businesses.

2) … the label sheet and duplicate log turn together as a set, eliminating the possibility of accidentally placing our built-in transfer shield between the two (If the transfer shield goes between the label and log, there will be no duplicate copy!). Even if a visitor is the one to turn the page for a fresh sheet of visitor badges, our sealed right edge makes proper use of the next set (visitor badge and duplicate log) foolproof.

Mary Ann was impressed - and we were delighted she called to inquire, so we could explain it fully. Do you have a product question? Please feel free to call Faithe or any Threshold rep at 800-243-1969.

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Posted on 1/29/2015