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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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How to buy visitor badge accessories

by Paul Kazlauskas

Threshold provides “security you can see,” with adhesive visitor badges that show who is authorized to be in your facility — and who is not. The visitor badges are made with a fabric-friendly adhesive that makes them safe to wear directly on almost any type of fabric.

However, what if your visitor still wishes to not stick a visitor badge directly to their clothing? The best thing you can do is give all your visitors a badge-wearing choice: clip it or hang it with visitor badge accessories. Our wide selection of badge tags or badge holders can be paired with either a strap clip or a lanyard. Please see a guide to understanding Threshold accessories below.

Custom Badge Tags – Reusable

Make plain adhesive visitor badges stand out with your corporate logo and vibrant colors. The badge holders are beautifully custom-printed front and back. There is even room for branding, policies, and other information. Sturdy card stock with an easy-peel coating allows used badges to be removed and the badge tag reused.

Custom Badge Tags – Disposable

Same size and custom printing as Custom Badge Tags - Reusable, except these are printed on card stock without the lamination. This means adhesive visitor badges cannot be removed once applied, so these Disposable Badge Tags can be used only once. But they cost 40% less than Reusable Badge Tags.

Stock Reusable Badge Tags – Preprinted

Make plain visitor labels stand out affordably. Laminated on both sides for durability and offers the ability to reuse. Available colors and visitor types shown. The product can't be additionally printed with facility branding or school mascots.

Stock Reusable Badge Tags – Blank

Sturdy card stock with an easy-peel coating allows used badges to be removed and the badge tag to be reused.

Plastic Clips

The one-piece clip easily attaches to clothing without harming the garment and will not interfere with metal detectors.

Strap Clips

Made of clear vinyl, the 2-3/4" strap with a metal "bulldog clip" is designed for long term use.


The flat, woven lanyard is 3/8” wide with a breakaway feature for safety. Available in blue or black.

Plastic Badge Holders

Durable, clear vinyl holders are equipped with slot holes for easy attachment.

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Posted on 8/7/2018