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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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How a Connecticut school experienced visitor management success

by Paul Kazlauskas

school security, visitor management, visitor badge

Threshold has helped thousands of schools across the country keep track of the visitors that enter their buildings. Every school wants to keep its students safe, but it can be challenging to keep track of each parent, visitor, or maintenance worker who enters the building. Our school security visitor management options streamline the visitor management process through the use of badges, thereby relieving much of the stress of front office staff.

We wanted to share a particular success story from one of our happy customers. Here are excerpts from an interview at River Street School in Windsor, Conn, a customer since 2005. Three staff members explain how Threshold helps their school security.
Gladys Vargas
Administrative Assistant

“When people come in, I ask them to sign and badge themselves. It’s easy enough to use because they sign in, they put the visitor badge on, and the log is there too. I have it at my desk and it’s easy to see who’s here and who’s not.

“It’s self-serve – I just tell them to sign, and stick it to yourself. It’s easy for me and it’s easy for them – there’s not too much paperwork, you just sign, put it on and off you go, so it is really easy to use ... even a child could use it, that’s how easy it is to use.

“I think it does give you a sense of school security because you know who’s walking around and you know who they are – there’s not a stranger walking about. I’m a parent, and I would want the same for my daughter’s school. Everyone who comes in -- you expect them to have a badge on or something to represent who they are.”
Anne Cuvellier
Social Worker

“It became more important for us as a school to take security more seriously, so we started keeping track of who comes in the building, and when they leave the building. We wanted to have a system to do that so that we could monitor not only who was in, but how long they were in, and that they actually left.

“Your visitor badges are a definite solution to keeping track of who comes into the school. Whether there’s heavy or light traffic, it allows us to know when they leave, and that’s critical to us monitoring where people are throughout the building.

“We trained the whole staff. If they see somebody they don’t know without a sticker, they need to stop that person and direct them back to the office to get a visitor badge. The sticker serves as a visual identification for the employees to know who a person is within the building. Anyone who is visiting is supposed to display the sticker in a highly visible area.”
Deidre Reidy
Facilities Manager

“We use the visitor badges to identify visitors coming into the building and we can ensure that they’ve stopped into the front desk, they’ve checked in, they belong here, and that we know that they’re supposed to be here.

“I think really the most important part is that visual aid for us. There’s a lot of staff in the building. There’s a lot of people coming into the building too. It sort of eliminates that awkward ‘Do I approach that person and ask them why they’re here’? Staff can see that visitor badge on them. They just know at a glance the visitor has already checked in at the office, they’re supposed to be here, and they’re ok.

“In addition, to have that log at our fingertips that says this person was in on that date, to see that staff member, it’s very key for us. Oftentimes, you have to go back to check when somebody came in, when was that meeting held, who saw whom, who was the person that actually came in, or when did a parent come in and visit a classroom.

“The company was very easy to work with. I had really no idea what we wanted. They let us draw up a couple of examples, they helped, they critiqued. They really helped us make a product that would work for us.”
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Posted on 7/26/2018