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MediTape Reports

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The Perfect Solution for Patient Documentation

MediTape Reports are color-coded forms-on-a-label that make patient documentation convenient and regulatory compliance automatic.

    • Automatic Regulatory Compliance!
      Satisfy the documentation requirements of CLIA, COLA, JCAHO, state health agencies, and quality assurance programs. 
    • Saves Time and Money!
      Two-part label/form cuts paperwork and record-keeping time in half while eliminating transcription errors.
    • Capture Missed Charges!
      Logical format standardizes procedures, prompting staff to record information properly.
    • Neatens Patient Charts!
      Compact, self-adhesive reports stick right to existing charts, reducing clutter. Color-coded borders and orderly designs make information easy to find and review.
    • Easily Customized!
      MediTape Reports can be custom printed to fit your exact needs for any application.

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Ideal for Every Application in the Lab or Office

For the Lab  

  • Urinalysis Test Reports
  • Hematology Test Reports
  • Chemistry Test Reports
  • Bacteriology Test Reports
  • Misc. Laboratory Test Reports
  • Point-of-Care Testing Reports

For the Front Office 

  • Vaccine/Immunology Reports
  • Assessment Reports
  • Patient Information Reports
  • Telephone Message Reports
  • Prescription/Sample Med Reports
  • Insurance/Referral Reports
  • Patient Privacy Sign-In System

Handy accessories such as clipboards, cases and binders make medical documentation easier.

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