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There are several reasons why facilities should manage and identify visitors to their building. Here are some key reasons:

Visitor Management: Visitor screening and identification contribute to effective visitor management. By implementing a systematic approach, facilities can restrict the movement of visitors to certain areas, maintain visitor logs, and have an accurate record of who entered the building and when. This information can be valuable for administrative purposes, visitor tracking, or investigations if any incidents occur.

Security and Safety: Identifying visitors enhance the security and safety of the facility and its occupants. By implementing a visitor management system, facilities can mitigate potential threats and reduce the risk of criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, or violence.

Protecting Confidential Information: Many facilities deal with sensitive or confidential information, such as government agencies, financial institutions, or research laboratories. Verifying the identity of visitors helps ensure that only authorized individuals have access to these areas, minimizing the risk of data breaches, or unauthorized dissemination of information.

Emergency Preparedness: Identifying visitors and maintaining an accurate record of who is present in the building can be crucial during emergencies or evacuation procedures. In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or other emergencies, knowing who is in the facility enables emergency responders to conduct efficient evacuations, perform headcounts, and ensure the safety of all individuals.

Deterrent for Unauthorized Visitors: The presence of a visitor management system acts as a deterrent for unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access to the facility. When potential intruders or troublemakers know that a facility has robust visitor management software protocols in place, they are less likely to attempt unauthorized entry, thereby increasing overall security.

The visitor management system specialists at THRESHOLD deliver products that help you sign-in, track, and badge every visitor, so you know who is in your building.

Our unique solutions, like expiring visitor badges, cloud-based visitor management software, and confidential visitor sign-in books, provide you and your people with Security You Can See.

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