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Patient Sign-In Log

This two-part "label/form" keeps patient information confidential and creates an automatic duplicate record of all patient sign-in activity.

How it works:

1.  Keeps patient visits private
Each patient completes the form's top line -  a self-adhesive strip that includes a removable number to give to patients if you wish to call them by number instead of name.

2. Updates the chart
Before the next patient signs in, the receptionist removes the strip and places it either on a call sheet or into the chart.  The completed label alerts you to changes in patient information.

3. Protects confidentiality
The label liner keeps the duplicate record hidden from patients that follow.  Once the form is completed, detach the edges (which discourage peeking) to discard the liner and release the log.

4. Verifies billing and keeps an audit trail
The Patient Sign-In log automatically creates a duplicate record sheet of every appointment, which you can file away or store in a binder.  This log also helps you analyze wait times and better manage patient volume and flow.

Click here to see examples of Custom Patient Sign-in Logs

You can have your facility imprint, Doctor names, and/or custom fields for patients to sign-in on. The content of the form is up to you!

After you place your order (if ordering a custom design), you will be contacted for your design and imprint info. Then you will receive an email or fax proof of your design before we go to press with your order. This gives you a chance to make any last minute changes before it's printed. 

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