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About the Badges

Our time-expiring visitor badges VOID themselves overnight to prevent reuse. Proprietary fabric friendly adhesive won't fall off, yet won't damage clothing.

In addition to our Direct Thermal Badges (directly below), see our Inkjet Badges and Accessories.

Learn more about how our time-expiring badges work

 Visitor Badges for Black and White
Turbo 450 Printer

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badges
The easiest expiring badge to activate.

Most Popular
4" Badges - $229/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VDTT4

3" Badges - $194/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VDTT3

FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge

 FULL-Expiring Visitor Badges
For maximum visibility.

Most Popular
3" Badges - $254/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VDTF3

4" Badges - $289/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VDTF4


 DOT-Expiring Visitor Badge
DOT-Expiring Visitor Badges
Our most economical expiring badge.

4" Badges - $139/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VDTD

Non-Expiring Direct Thermal Visitor Badges 

NON-Expiring Visitor Badges

Blank, white non-expiring badges.

4" Badges - $61/1,000 (4 rolls) 
Product # VDTN4


Visitor Badges for Color 400 Printer

TAB-Expiring Inkjet Visitor Badge

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badges
The easiest self-expiring badge to activate.

Most Popular
4" Badges - $267/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VIJT4

3" Badges - $215/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VIJT3

FULL-Expiring Inkjet Visitor Badge

FULL-Expiring Visitor Badges
For maximum visibility.

Most Popular
3" Badges - $267/1,000 (4 rolls)
Product # VIJF3

4" badges - $320/1,000 (4 rolls) 
Product # VIJF4


Non-Adhesive Badges for Direct Thermal Printers 

                non-adhesive visitor badges     Non-adhesive badges for direct thermal printers

Why NON-adhesive badges?

  • They're FLEXIBLE!
    • Badges can be carried by visitors or worn with a clip.
    • They can serve as a pass to a multi-tenant building environment.
  • They're CLEAN!
    • These badges don't stick to clothing, so they can't be stuck to surfaces when discarded, defacing your facility.

Size: 4 1/6" x 2 1/3"
Price: $61 per 1,000 (four rolls of 250 each)
Specify product # VDTNAD4
To order, call 800-243-1969 

 Increase security for your Access Control Cards

Personalize and track your visitors with Software and 2" TAB-Expiring Labels. The labels change color to show your access control cards have expired. Each label is 2" x 1", plus attached tab that folds under to activate expiration. $118 for 1,000 labels (2 rolls of 500 each; software sold separately). Learn more.  Product # VTAB2

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We have a variety of Visitor Badge styles to address a variety of needs...

  • Visitor badges for the Turbo 450 printer are cost effective with no ink or toner to replenish.
  • Visitor badges for the 400 print in beautiful color.  Provides color photo, logo and any other part.

All of our Visitor Badges can be custom printed  - call for pricing and minimums.

  • Increases security by ensuring authenticity
  • Promote your brand
  • It is very popular to pre-print your logo on the visitor badges in color.  Then use the high-speed Turbo 450 printer to print the visitor's information in black and white.

Our Visitor Badges are compatible with most VMS systems. All of our visitor badges are made in the USA. All prices are in USD.  Currency exchange rates and VAT can affect your actual cost.  For international sales, contact us for a distributor near you. 

Visitor Badge Accessories

Custom Badge Tags

Custom Badge Tags
The badge holders are beautifully
custom-printed front and back.
Sturdy card stock with an easy-peel
coating allows used badges to be
removed and the tag reused.

Product # VCRBT1
200 per pack for $170

Reusable Badge Tags

Reusable Badge Tags
Sturdy card stock with an easy-peel
coating allows used badges to be
removed and the tag reused.

Product # VRBT
200 per pack for $43

 Plastic Clips

Plastic Clip
The one-piece clip easily attaches
to clothingwithout harming the garment
and will not interfere with metal detectors.

Product # VPC1
200 per pack for $44

Strap Clips

Strap Clip
Made of clear vinyl, the 2 3/4" strap
with "bulldog clip" is designed for
long term use.

Product # VSC
200 per pack for $44

 Badge Holders

Badge Holders
Durable, clear vinyl holders are
equipped with slot holes for easy

Product # VBH
100 per pack for $66


The flat, woven lanyard is 3/8” wide
with a breakaway feature for safety.
Available in 2 colors.

Product # VFL
100 per pack for $95