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Free Demonstration

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A brief introduction to eVisitor software, including how it works. (1:40)

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Downloading our trial software is an easy way for you to try out eVisitor Software.

Request an eVisitorPass Live Demo

  • A representative from Threshold will assist you with the Demo. You may set up an appointment by filling out this form or by calling 800-243-1969. We will provide you with a pass code.
  • It typically takes just a few minutes to install, and uses a shared account. You will see existing entries in the system. Please don't put any sensitive information in the free demo account.
  • This free demo does not require a printer or a camera, but you can use them if you have them.

System requirements

  • Computer running a supported version of MS Windows (currently 7 - 10)
  • High-speed internet connection (1Mbs or faster is recommended)
  • Administrator rights on your computer. Check with your company’s System Admin or I.T. department if you have questions.

 How to Install


Do not include any sensitve information when doing the Free Demo because it is a shared account.