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Expiring Visitor Badges

Expiring Visitor Badges are compatible with your Visitor Management System 
Our extra-secure, color-changing visitor badges on rolls work with your visitor management system, as well as ours. Here are some of the Visitor Management Systems we are compatible with: BadgePass, Building Intelligence, Easy Lobby, Envoy, eVisitor, Fast-Pass, HID SAFE, iLobby, iVisitor, LobbyGuard, Lobby Track, PassagePoint, ProxyClick, Raptor, Savance, Splan, Traction Guest, and WhosOnLocation. Ask about others as well.
Visitor Badges with Expiring Technology 
Visitor Badges with Expiring Technology change color overnight to prevent visitor badge reuse and unauthorized access to your building. A white badge means the visitor has signed in today. A pink "VOID" means the visitor's presence should be questioned.
What makes our visitor badges extra secure 
See our quick video on what makes our time-expiring visitor badges extra secure. The badges change color overnight, showing a bright pink VOID by the next day. This prevents visitors from reusing the badges in the future. (17 seconds)
Tandem Expiring Visitor Badge Video 
Built-in activation provides security, convenience, and full-proof activation. Print your badge then activate the expiring technology by placing the white dot over the red VOID circle.
THRESHOLD Visitor Management Systems for Hospitals 
Your hospital should be a safe place for your patients and staff, but how do you ensure everyone's security while preserving the feel of an open campus that visitors expect? THRESHOLD offers many ways to manage your points of entry and process visitors, making your hospital a more secure place.
How to use the TAB-Expiring Direct Thermal Visitor Badges 
See our quick video on how to use the TAB-Expiring Direct Thermal Visitor Badges (39 seconds).
The Gateway to Stronger Security
Your building should be a safe place for all occupants. THRESHOLD (formerly Visitor Pass Solutions) provides tools to simplify visitor management, support your security protocols, and ensure that the only people who cross your threshold are those who belong there.