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Client-friendly videos.
Each video is on our client-friendly Distributor Channel on YouTube.

Compatibility Video

Our extra-secure, color-changing visitor badges on rolls work with your visitor management system, as well as ours. Here are some of the Visitor Management Systems we are compatible with: BadgePass, Building Intelligence, Easy Lobby, Envoy, eVisitor, Fast-Pass, HID SAFE, iLobby, iVisitor, LobbyGuard, Lobby Track, PassagePoint, ProxyClick, Raptor, Savance, Splan, Traction Guest, and WhosOnLocation. * Ask about others as well.

Expiring Visitor Badge Video

Visitor Badges with Expiring Technology change color overnight to prevent visitor badge reuse and unauthorized access to your building. A white badge means the visitor has signed in today. A pink "VOID" means the visitor's presence should be questioned.

eVisitor Video

eVisitor Software is a simple visitor management software solution that allows your clients to log in, identify, track, and run reports on visitors.

eVisitor Video for Schools

eVisitor Software is a simple visitor management solution that allows your school clients to log in, identify, track, and run reports on visitors to their school. Increase school security and know who is in the building.

Cleaning a Brother QL700-800 Series Printer

Please see our demonstration of how to clean a Brother QL700-800 Series Printer.

Zebra Printer Cleaning and Visitor Badge Alignment

In this video, we explain: 1) how to clean your Zebra Printer and 2) how to align your visitor badges so they print correctly.

Zebra Printer Sensor Position and Calibration Video
See our video on adjusting the sensor position and calibrating your Zebra Printer.