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We have products that help your clients with visitor management.

Visitor Badges
for any sign-in process.

On ROLLS compatible with your system

In BOOKS with a private duplicate log

Visitor Management Software
is cloud based and easy to use.


Use as a DESKTOP or as a KIOSK

We sell THRESHOLD visitor management products all over the world, thanks to our network of hard-working distributors who know a good product – and a good partner – when they see one.     

In addition to providing a line of innovative badges, we give our distributors the attention they expect and deserve, far more than other suppliers they may be used to.

As a distributor, you can expect:

  • Sales tools to help you sell like client-safe print & digital catalogs, sales brochures, video library, and product images for your website.
  • Competitive discount structure for distributors.
  • Recurring revenue from consumable labels.
  • Fast turnaround. (products usually ships within three days!)
  • Knowledgeable, friendly customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Request a Distributor Sales Kit 

THRESHOLD is a member of these organizations:

ASIS International      International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS)    ISDA: Safe, Efficient Markets      ASIS International Women in Security (WIS)