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eVisitor and Expiring Badges Help a New York Casino Increase Security


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FULL-Expiring Visitor Badge

FULL-Expiring Badge example

The Challenge

A casino in New York State was having two security issues:

1) Staff didn't know how long vendors were in their buildings, which is a security concern.

2) Employees who forgot their employee badges would be issued a temporary badge for the day, but it could be used again and again. Some employees would not bother getting a new permanent employee badge if it was lost.

The Approach

The casino bought an eVisitor Visitor Management System (VMS) with FULL-Expiring Visitor Badges, which completely change color overnight to ensure that visitors — as well as employees who forget or lose their permanent Employee Badges — have to sign in every time they enter the buildings.

The Result

eVisitor made it easy to sign in vendors (and all visitors) by keyboard or driver's license reader, take a photo, print a high-quality visitor badge, keep a visitor log, and issue reports. The system provides an accurate way to know exactly who was in the buildings at any time in the past or present and when vendors left the facility. And now employees are required to bring their permanent badge the next day (if it was forgotten) or get a new employee badge (if it was lost). 



The eVisitor computer template prints good-looking adhesive visitor badges, customized with their logo, making badges hard to forge and increasing security. They love the wide-angle camera with the “Auto-Crop” feature and head-height tripod that allows visitors to stand anywhere near the system while the operator takes their picture. Finally, the color badges make it easy to get an accurate picture of the visitor that makes it easy to recognize if needed by security.     

FULL-Expiring Badges, in particular, provide maximum visibility. The badge’s expiration is highly visible from a distance because the entire pass changes color overnight.

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