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Visitor Badge Sign-In Books with Sign-Out Badges

What is your sign in protocol?  If you are concerned with visitors signing out when they are about to leave, check out our Sign-Out Badges. The badge leaves a portion of the label behind when the badge is removed.  That portion contains the visitor’s initials, the time they came in, and the time they leave.  Check out the How it Works below or read our FAQ's on Sign-Out

Here is how it works... 

1.  Visitors sign in on the adhesive badge.  They write their initials and "Time In" on the sign-out stub, which stays in the book.


2.  The visitor peels the badge from the Sign-In Book...


3.  ...and wears the badge while on the facility grounds.


4.  When visitors leave, they sign out on the stub.


5.  A complete duplicate record of their visit remains hidden behind the label backing.


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          Sign-Out                                         Side Sign-Out                            Extra Small Sign-Out        
        Style Shown: 755                              Style Shown: 761                          Style Shown: 624  


                        TAB-Expiring Sign-Out                                   FULL-Expiring Sign-Out
                                Style Shown: 814                                           Style Shown: 814F


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