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New! TANDEM DOT-Expiring Direct Thermal Badges

At last — a better expiring visitor badge!

New TANDEM DOT-Expiring Visitor Badge changes color overnight to prevent reuse, plus offers BIG advantages over its predecessors.

  • Less costly
    17% to 35% less than other expiring visitor badges
  • More secure
    Not valid to wear until it is authenticated
  • Easy to activate
    Label comes with everything you need to start the color-changing process

Here’s how it works:

Tandem Visitor Badge for Brother printers
(1) Each badge comes out of the printer showing it is VOID, with a white sticker attached to the label liner.

Activating a Tandem Visitor Badge for Brother printers
(2) The badge isn’t valid to wear until the attached white sticker is placed over the red VOID circle. This also activates the color-changing process that gradually turns a VALID badge today into a VOID badge tomorrow.

Tandem-Expiring Visitor Badge in-use
(3) Now the badge is VALID and ready for the visit.

Expired Tandem-Expiring Badge
(4) By the next day, the badge is completely VOID and can’t be reused.

Badges that are VALID today and VOID tomorrow give thousands of users Security They Can See!

  • Provide a visual alert (and peace of mind)
  • Discourage reuse and prevent unauthorized entry
  • Improve security by requiring daily sign-in
  • Remove need to collect badges at end of visit

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