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Confidential Student Sign-Out Books

Our Confidential Student Sign-Out Books privately keep track of students who sign-out early. 

Two-part carbonless sign-out sheets perform two jobs in one step. The white first part contains a "blockout" pattern on all names to protect the confidentiality of those signing out. The yellow second part provides an automatic duplicate record that lets only you see the names that are "blocked out" on the white first part. The right side of the set is glued together as an additional confidentiality measure, protecting against peeking inside. Need slips?

                          (Parent/Guardian Edition)         (Student Edition)
                            Style 110-IM shown             Style 109-IM shown

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The first 2 rows of designs are the Parent/Guardian Editions, for adults to sign children out.
The second 2 rows of designs are the Student Editions, for students to sign themselves out.

Choose the right style based on your school's procedures.