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Visitor Badges

Our visitor badges show you who has permission to be in your building and who doesn't. When visitors wear expiring badges, it tells you instantly if they have signed in today. This keeps your building safe and secure by preventing unauthorized entry.

The fabric-friendly visitor badges stay on without harm to clothing. Many of these adhesive badges are self-expiring, which means they change color overnight to prevent reuse.


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Why our customers love our visitor badges

THRESHOLD has been a trusted name in visitor management systems for many years. We have a range of products that help organizations manage visitor access and improve security, including expiring visitor badges on rolls for direct thermal and inkjet printers and two-part confidential sign-in books.

Expiring visitor badges are an important tool for managing visitor access and improving security. They work by using a time-sensitive color-changing process. This makes it easy for security personnel to identify visitors who have overstayed their welcome or are attempting to gain access using expired badges.

THRESHOLD's expiring visitor badges on rolls are designed for use with direct thermal and inkjet printers. This means that organizations can easily print secure badges as needed using virtually any visitor management system.

The badges come as self-adhesive labels that are engineered to adhere to clothing without harming the fabric. Printing on inkjet printers in a range of colors, or applying black-and-white badges to color-coded badge tags, makes it easy to differentiate between different types of visitors or levels of access.

One of the benefits of using THRESHOLD's expiring visitor badges on rolls is that they are easy to use and require no special training. Simply print the badge, activate the expiring process, peel it off the label backer, and issue it to the visitor. The badge will automatically expire overnight, making it easy to identify visitors who have overstayed their welcome.

In addition to badges on rolls, THRESHOLD also offers two-part confidential sign-in books. These books are designed for organizations that require visitors to sign in before gaining access to the facility. The books consist of two parts: a badge that can be issued to the visitor and a confidential visitor log that captures visitor information.

In conclusion, THRESHOLD's expiring visitor badges on rolls and two-part confidential sign-in books are valuable tools for managing visitor access and improving security. If you are looking to improve visitor management at your facility, consider incorporating these products into your security plan.