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Primera printer settings

Primera LX 400

  • Note: DON'T load the software from the enclosed CD. It has unnecessary software.
  • Get the Primera LX400 PC Printer Driver: (click here for ver 1.35
  • Set Printer sensor to 2" - (click here).
  • Start, Devices and Printers, r-click on Color Label 400, Printing Preferences
  • Set Custom Page Size, Inches.
    • 4" badges: Width=245, Height = 385 (width+ moves it down, height+ moves it right)
    • 3" badges: Width = 205, Height= 260
  • Set Orientation to Landscape
  • Set Print Quality to 2 or 3 (start with 2 for speed).
  • Set Ink Saturation to between 70% and 90%. Start with 80% and adjust as needed.
  • If under "printer properties" there is a button that says "Change Properties", then there is a problem with the driver. It needs to be reinstalled under that account.
  • You can try "Print Test Page" to see if windows can access the printer.
  • To let all users use the printer: (you must be logged in as admin for the 3rd step)
    • C:\Windows\system32\spool, r-click properties on the Printer folder, Security, users=full control
    • C:\ProgramData, r-click properties on PTI folder, Security, users=full control
    • Start, Control Panel, Devices and Printers, r-click Printer Properties, Security, Everyone= allow all


Primera LX 500

The settings are the same as for the LX 400
The control for the Sensor are moved to another screen