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How to know who has permission to be in your building


visitor management, building security

Now, more than ever, you must know who is in your building. This requires signing in, identifying, and tracking your visitors.

The best way to identify visitors is by issuing them a badge every time they arrive and requiring them to wear it throughout their stay.

More important than the badge a visitor wears is what it says about them:

  • I am who I say I am – today.
  • I signed in at the front desk – today.
  • I have permission to be here – today.

Without proof of the above three assertions on their chest, visitors may as well be allowed into your hospital wearing someone else’s badge – or no badge at all.

Verification comes in two ways:

  1. Requiring visitors to show their driver’s license (or some other government-issued I.D.) before getting a badge.

  2. Making it obvious that a visitor’s badge is valid by some visual cue or alert. A photo helps. So does a readable date. Even better is a badge that has time sensitivity built in, so you can tell when it has expired.

Once you issue a badge to a visitor, your system needs to be able to tell you where they are going, where they should be, and – after they depart – where they were (and when). This helps you in case there’s ever an incident or even if you just want to know visitor volume trends for staffing purposes. Now, of course, another reason is contact tracing for COVID-19.

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