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Expiring Visitor and Guest Stickers affordably help increase building security


Shortly after the COVID pandemic began, we developed a line of stickers that our customers could use to identify that their visitors were screened before entering their building.

This product became very popular, especially the stickers that expired so they couldn't be reused. That’s because they come with "expiring technology." This technology makes our stickers change color overnight and provides "Security You Can See."

So now, in addition to "Screened Stickers," we have released a line of expiring "Visitor Stickers" and "Guest Stickers." These self-adhesive labels work the same way as the Screened Stickers; they just are used to identify people who are visiting, either by their name, their destination, the date, or any other detail you choose to add. They work just like all our other expiring visitor badges in that they change color overnight.


On the day they are issued, they look white. This tells you the sticker is valid. But by tomorrow, a bright pink “void” image appears, making it easy to tell that whoever is wearing that sticker hasn’t signed in that day.

The differences between these new stickers and our other rolls and books of visitor badges are (a) they are smaller, (b) they don't provide a record of the visit, and (c) they cost less -- about 12 cents per sticker. That is affordable visitor management while also utilizing expiring technology as a visual alert.

How it works:

1. Write the person’s name, room number, department, date, or any identifier your office would like to use on the sticker for visitors to wear after they enter your facility.

2. Fold the tab under where indicated to activate the color-changing process.

3. The sticker changes color overnight to prevent reuse. VALID today, VOID tomorrow.

Here are some additional examples of how to fill in the sticker:


Product comes in ROLLS for use with a pen.

  • Size: 2 5/16" x 1 3/16"
  • Quantity: 1,000 stickers per pack (2 rolls of 500 stickers)
  • Price: $118 per pack
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