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Vaccinated or not? How to be discreet.


Here’s a discreet way to identify which visitors have been vaccinated against COVID and which have not.

Although we offer “V” stickers and badges that say “Vaccinated", some people don’t like being singled out as having one status or the other. So how do you tell them apart and still have the appearance of privacy?

Try issuing color-coded badges or stickers. 

For example, if visitors say they are vaccinated, you give them a green badge to wear. If they say they are unvaccinated, you give them a yellow badge. Neither badge states their status, but you and your staff know what the colors mean, so you can act accordingly.

Visitor Badge Sign-In Books in different colors (shown: style #701)

You can color-code your badges with our Visitor Badge Sign-In Books (above), our Badge Tags (directly below), and with our rolls of badges for inkjet printers (last images below).

Shown: Stock Disposable Badge Tags - Preprinted

Shown: Inkjet Visitor Badges for Epson and Primera printers

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