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Why more customers are using inkjet printers for their visitor badges


We have seen an increase in customers wanting to print their visitor badges in color on inkjet printers.

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge, VALID     TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge, VOID
 VALID today...                               ...VOID tomorrow

Whether they use our eVisitor software or another popular visitor management program, security professionals see the value in using our rolls of expiring labels in their color printers for the following reasons:

  • Producing a high-quality photo, which makes it easier to tell if visitors are who they claim to be
  • Removing the need to adjust software settings to print clearly, as on a black-and-white printer
  • Color-coding visitor badges by:
    • Where visitors are going (department, floor, or building) so staff can see if they are in the right place
    • The purpose of someone’s visit (visitor, vendor, contractor, etc.)
    • Whether or not a visitor requires an escort
    • The days of the week, to make sure they have signed in today
  • Enhancing the image of your organization by issuing good-looking visitor badges

Ask us for more information about how our color visitor badges not only look better, they offer even more security by changing color overnight to show they have expired.

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