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Home of Expiring Technology is now easier to use


We have redesigned our website,, in two important ways to make it easier for you to find the products you need.

First, our home page is more streamlined with two major product categories to choose from:

  • “Visitor Badges” contains our expiring and non-expiring visitor badges on printer rolls and in sign-in books.
  • “Visitor Software” contains everything you need to know about our eVisitor Software for visitor management.

Second, we have improved our website’s search functionality, with three options to help you find what you are looking for more quickly.

1. When you initially search, your results will be returned as a “Product Search.” This means if there is a match with any Product SKU or Style Number, it will show first. This functionality will help you reorder easily.
2. Next to the “Product Search,” you can click “Blog Search.” This will specifically search our blog for matches to a content search. This is great functionality for research and learning more about the visitor management and security industries. We’ve been blogging for years and have 230+ posts to choose from.
3. Finally, you can choose “Sitewide Search,” which will return results related anywhere on the site. This is a good general way to search if you aren’t sure what you are looking for yet.

Please let us know how you like these improvements and if you can think of any other ways we can make your online experience with THRESHOLD even better.

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