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Know who in your facility has been vaccinated


COVID-19 vaccines have allowed life to begin to resemble that of pre-pandemic days. Hospitals, schools, and businesses of all kinds have begun reopening their doors again to staff, students, teachers, and employees. Many facilities are also welcoming back visitors. As more and more people enter your facility, it is a good idea to know who has been vaccinated for the safety and peace of mind of those in the building.

By customer request, we have developed new “vaccinated” stickers that show and identify who in your facility has been vaccinated. Bright stickers provide a visual alert, even at a distance, of who has been fully vaccinated prior to entering the building.

There are many ways to manage vaccination status:

  • For your employees – No need to reprint employee badges!
  • For your visitors – Expiring vaccinated badges change color overnight so they can’t be reused.
  • For your visitors, contractors, vendors, staff, guests, attendees, ticket holders, etc. - choose the size that works best for your facility.


Your choice of size, format, and color, with space for you to describe the wearer — such as their name, where they are going, and the date they were vaccinated.

Stickers on a Roll

Expiring Vaccinated Stickers*
2" x 1"
White only
VALID today, VOID tomorrow
Learn More and Buy
Style #827
$112 for 1,000 stickers (on 2 rolls of 500 each)
*How it expiring stickers work:
1. Write a destination, name, date or anything you wish on the sticker.
2. Fold the tab under where indicated to activate the color-changing process.
3. The sticker changes color overnight to prevent reuse. VALID today, VOID tomorrow.

X-Small Screened Stickers
2 5/16" x 1 7/8"
2 color choices - yellow and green

Learn More and Buy
Style #628-RL
$34 for 500 stickers (on a roll)

Vaccinated DOT Sticker
Add to Employee ID’s to avoid reprinting badges.
7/8" diameter
1 color choice

Learn More and Buy
Style #DOTN-GR-V
$25 for 1,000 stickers (on a roll)

Stickers in a Book

TAB-Expiring Small Vaccinated Stickers
3" x 2"
5 color choices

Buy Now
Style #828/829
$165 per book of 500 stickers

Small Vaccinated Stickers
3 ½" x 1 7/8"
11 color choices

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Style #725
$41 for 500 stickers (in a book)

X-Small Vaccinated Stickers
2 5/16" x 1 7/8"
7 color choices

Buy Now
Style #628
$51 for 675 stickers (in a book) 

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