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Vaccine Card Protectors are the way to keep vaccine cards safe


More and more citizens of the United States are getting their the COVID-19 vaccines. This is great news after over a full year of dealing with the pandemic and all its consequences, both inconvenient and tragic. The rather flimsy documentation card you are given after your vaccine(s) should be kept safe. But what is the best way to protect this incredibly important four-by-three-inch card?

Office supply stores, such as Staples, started offering a free lamination service to help preserve the card. While initially sounding like a good idea, the practice isn’t the best way to protect the card in case we all need booster shots of the vaccine in the future. If the card is laminated, you won’t be able to add additional information to it. Ideally, the best way to protect your card and still have access to it is to use Vaccine Card Protectors.

Our clear plastic sleeve is sealed on three sides so the card is protected from water or other damage, but can still be easily removed if additional information needs to be added (such as booster shots). The Vaccine Card Protector is a perfect fit for the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, so there is no need for lamination. The Vaccine Card Protectors come in packs of 100 for $60. They are perfect for business to purchase for their employees and visitors, for schools to purchase for their teachers and staff, and for hospitals to purchase for their staff, patients, and visitors.


If, despite your best efforts, you still manage to lose your card, it’s not the end of the world. While the information is not tracked at the Federal level, every State keeps track of who has been vaccinated. You would need to go back to the place where you got your vaccine and they might be able to fill out a new card for you.

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