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New eVisitor Software Package


THRESHOLD has a new color photo package for eVisitor Software, featuring the Epson Model # C3500 printer.

Epson Color Photo Package for eVisitor Software

Don’t forget that our visitor badges with EXPIRING technology provide a great visual alert for security and are compatible with many different inkjet (and direct thermal) printers.

See at a glance if a visitor is authorized or not…

…by color-coding your visitor badges.

  • Add your facility logo in its exact color.
  • A visitor's photo looks much more professional and clear when it is printed in full color.
  • Make the word “Visitor”, or any words on the visitor badge, be a bright distinguishable color that stands out.
  • These badge design tactics will deter forgery because they are hard to replicate on the visitor badge and are easy to see from a distance.

Inkjet Visitor Badge examples

…and by using visitor badges that expire.

Visitor Badges with Expiring Technology


Request a demonstration of eVisitor Software

Request free samples of our badges with EXPIRING technology

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