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Optional new eVisitor software feature connects locations for better security and data analysis


eVisitor multi-facility
Now security professionals can more easily manage visitors across multiple buildings with a simple, accurate way to share information.

eVisitor software’s new “Multi-Facility” feature allows connectivity between facilities so users can (1) share names of visitors with a “flagged” or “BOLO” (Be On Look Out) status and (2) consolidate visitor distribution reports.

eVisitor can now alert your staff when returning visitors have a “flagged” status, no matter which of your locations a visitor tries to enter. Whether a visitor has been previously marked as VIP, Escort Required, Security Risk, Assistance Needed, or whatever, their status tells staff to read the notes and handle according to the facility’s pre-determined security protocol.

eVisitor reports track all the information collected. The new “Multi-Facility” feature collates data from all locations, whether across one campus or across the whole country, and sorts by them. It also helps analyze visitor distribution by time of day and across multiple locations to better manage staffing needs.

See this and all the other eVisitor software security features, including Room-Track and Contact Tracing.

Contact us to request a free demonstration of this powerful functionality.

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