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The benefits of adding color-coding to your visitor management


Direct Thermal Color Visitor Badges

Why color badges?

The advantages of color-coding are all around our facilities:

  • Hospitals assign different color uniforms to indicate different jobs and make it easy for people to know who is who (Nurses wear green, Techs wear blue, Housekeeping wears tan).
  • We color-code the floors/levels in our parking structures and elevators to make it easy for people to find their way back to their car.
  • We use different color file folders to organize projects and expedite finding what we are looking for.

Why not add color-coding to your visitor management? Color badges are easy to see and provide an instant visual alert. Color code by department, day of the week, or by type of visitor. For example, if Pediatrics is designated “blue” and a visitor is wearing a yellow badge, you can quickly see they are in the wrong place. If Contractors are “green”, but a visitor in your maintenance department is wearing red, then you can redirect them to the right place.

And, since THRESHOLD badges are built with a fabric-friendly adhesive, they stay on for the duration of a typical visit, but can be easily removed when it’s time to go.

These new badges come in seven bright colors, plus white, and are compatible with DYMO and Zebra direct thermal printers. Color badges are just 7 cents each, reasonably priced no matter how many visitors you expect each day.

Direct Thermal Color Visitor Badges

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