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The importance of EXPIRING technology during - and after - COVID


expiring screened stickers

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, workplaces have had to implement stringent measures to prevent their staff, clients (or patients or students), and visitors from infecting one another.

In addition to wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, and disinfecting surfaces, many organizations have been screening everybody before they enter their buildings. If approved to enter, people are given a sticker to wear that assures everyone they meet they have been screened today and are (relatively) safe to interact with.

The best screened stickers are the ones that can’t be reused tomorrow. So even if you were screened today and you come back tomorrow, the expired sticker indicates you have to be screened again (see image above).

This is a good thing and should continue, even as more people get vaccinated and COVID cases decline. Why take chances? Plus, once COVID is eradicated as an everyday threat, there will always be other, more traditional safety and security concerns to guard against.

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