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The power behind our color-changing visitor badges


Visitor Badges with Expiring Technology

If our company is known for anything, it is our extensive line of visitor badges that change color overnight, from plain white to a bright pink “VOID,” to prevent them from being reused the next day.

Expiring visitor badges are valid today, void tomorrow

The badges your visitors wear may be VALID today, but we make sure they are VOID tomorrow. So they always let you know who actually has permission to be in your building and who doesn’t. The extra security is built right in, ensuring that all visitors have to sign in every time they walk through your door.

How TAB-Expiring visitor badges work

What is the process that makes it possible for the void image to appear? We call it “EXPIRING” technology. Our badges are so highly engineered, we felt they deserved to be branded as such. So we designed the logo at the top of this story, using the same colors as our THRESHOLD logo, to help promote this sophisticated capability.

There are many ways EXPIRING visitor badges increase your security. Here are a few:

  • They discourage reuse. Anyone who wants to use a badge from a previous visit will see it says “VOID.” They know that re-entering the building will run the risk of being caught for not belonging there.
  • They prevent unauthorized access. If someone DOES try to reuse an expired badge, the “VOID” will show it is invalid, and they’ll be stopped and questioned by your staff or security personnel.
  • They provide peace of mind. When a badge is WHITE, the visitor’s I.D. is authentic. It tells you he has signed in at the front desk today and is in the building for a legitimate purpose. No more wondering.
  • They’re convenient. Since these visitor badges can’t be reused, your reception staff members don’t have to collect them at the end of a visit. This makes their job easier.

One of the easiest ways to improve security is having a sound visitor management protocol. One of the best ways to improve that protocol is by identifying every visitor with a badge that is valid only on the day of the visit, and not a minute longer.

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