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Can I get a colored border outside of the 5 main border colors?”

Yes. Supply us with the Pantone Matching System Color Number (or your best guess) and we can make your border a custom color. Remember computer monitors have different settings, which display colors differently. Call for a quote because the additional cost would depend on the quantity you order. A proof of your design is available by request.

Do I have to have a border color?”

No, you don't. We have passes available that do not have a border color.

What is the difference between having my Visitor Passes formatted as Registry Books versus Loose Sheets?”

The Registry Book comes wire-bound, usually in a book of 50 sheets, keeping the badges and duplicate record sheets all together. To prevent visitor entries from transferring through to more than one duplicate page at a time, an attached Transfer Shield slides easily behind the active sheet. With few moving parts, the Registry Book can be maintained with minimal effort.
Loose Sheets come 50 sheets to a box. Your first order comes with a clipboard to use as a solid surface to sign in on, which makes the duplicate record clearer. Once all the badges on a sheet have been used up, separate the pre-punched duplicate record from the label liner and place it in your complimentary 3-ring binder. Loose sheets are available for custom-printed Visitor Passes only.

What are the exact sizes of your Visitor Passes?”

Sizes are listed within each category of visitor badge.

Do you offer any alternatives to sticking a badge directly to clothing? ”

Yes, we offer reusable badge tags and badge holders for all our Visitor Passes, as well as clip-on back pieces for our FULL-Expiring Visitor Passes. See "More Solutions", then click "Visitor Pass Accessories" on the left navagation for alternatives to sticking badges directly to clothing.