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Products - Sign-Out feature and how it works

How does the Sign-Out feature work?”

Visitors sign in on their badge, then enter their initials, the date, and their "time in" on a stub that stays behind in the Registry Book. Before exiting your facility, visitors return their badges and enter their "time out" on the stub containing their initials. The confidential log beneath the label liner makes it possible to know exactly who is in your building in case of emergency (it's easy to take the portable Visitor Pass Registry Book with you upon evacuation, etc.)

What's the difference in your Sign-Out products?”

Our traditional Sign-Out, yielding eight badges per sheet (our most visible Sign-Out badge) features a full-size badge with the stub beneath it. Our SIDE Sign-Out yields ten badges per sheet (our most popular Sign-Out badge) and features a slightly smaller badge, with the stub to the left of the badge. NEW! Our Extra Small Sign-Out yields twelve badges per sheet (our most economical Sign-Out badge) featuring a small badge with the stub beneath it.

Can I have the Sign-Out feature on an expiring badge?”

Yes. Our TAB-Expiring Sign-Out and FULL-Expiring Sign-Out products yield eight badges per sheet, featuring a full-size badge with the stub beneath it.

How do we get visitors to remember to sign out?”

It helps to post a sign near the exit. Feel free to ask Threshold rep for assistance, 1-800-243-1969.