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Visitor Badges with Expiring Technology

Make sure visitors sign in every time

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Our EXPIRING Visitor Badges change color overnight to prevent reuse and unauthorized access to your building.

TAB-Expiring Inkjet VALID badge

VALID today

A white badge means the visitor has signed in today.

TAB-Expiring Inkjet VOID badge

VOID tomorrow!

A pink “VOID” means this visitor didn't sign in today.

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge

1. This EXPIRING Visitor Badge has a “tab” with special ink on the back.(See all formats.)

TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge being activated

2. After printing each badge, fold the tab behind it.

how TAB-Expiring visitor badges work

3. The special ink gradually moves from the tab to the front of the badge. By the next day, the badge is completely “VOID.”

Our badges come two ways:

    Zebra printer        TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge Sign-In Book

On ROLLS for signing in with any software or in BOOKS for signing in by hand.


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