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New COVID-19 screening identification solutions for your clients

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2   hospital employee screening

Staff are screened at the beginning of their shift and given a badge to wear. This daily practice helps prevent unauthorized entry, protect everyone’s health, and provides peace of mind.

Expiring SCREENED Stickers identify who has been screened today. 

Tomorrow, they say "VOID" to prevent reuse.

Expiring Screened Sticker off the roll

 1. Write the date on the sticker for staff and visitors to wear after daily screening.

Expiring Screened Sticker is valid today

2. Fold the tab under where indicated to activate the color-changing process.

Expiring Screened Sticker is VOID tomorrow

3. The sticker changes color overnight to prevent reuse. VALID today, VOID tomorrow.



Product comes in ROLLS for use with a pen.

Size: 2" x 1"
Quantity: 1,000 stickers per pack (2 rolls of 500 stickers)
Price: $112 per pack
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Screened Stickers

For manual documentation of staff and visitors. Staff and visitors should be screened daily and given a sticker to wear.

Fluorescent SCREENED Stickers on a roll

Screened Sticker #625
X-small yellow sticker
2 5/16" x 1 7/8"
500 stickers/pack

Call 800-243-1969 to learn more.


Fluorescent SCREENED Stickers in a book

Come in two styles:

Screened Sticker #625

X-small yellow sticker
2 5/16" x 1 7/8"
675 stickers/book

Screened Sticker #719

Small green sticker
3 1/2" x 1 7/8"
500 stickers/book

Call 800-243-1969 to learn more.

Portable rolls and books can be used at any location. They are in stock and ready to ship!  

When your clients screen their visitors with eVisitor software

Two new updates provide helpful functionality during the COVID-19 outbreak.

eVisitor Software Visitor Badges
1. Adding SCREENED to your client's badges will remind everyone that visitors have been screened prior to being allowed access to their building.


eVisitor Software Registration Screen
2. Collect VISITOR CONTACT INFORMATION (phone number or any contact info your client wants) when visitors sign in so your client has a way to reach them in case of an event that requires contact tracing at their facility.


 eVisitor Software Packages

eVisitor software makes it easy to sign in, badge, and track visitors with cloud-based data access. Available for signing in visitors by your client's staff or for visitors to sign in themselves.

Contact us to learn more and request a free demonstration.  
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When your clients screen their visitors with new designs of THRESHOLD Visitor Badge Sign-In Books



1. Print “SCREENED” on your client's visitor badges

Why change the badge? A visible indicator on the badge that visitors are being screened reminds patients, family members, and staff that your client has taken steps to protect everyone’s safety and health.

TAB-Expiring and NON-Expiring Badges
804 COVID-19 TAB-Expiring Visitor Badge          713 COVID-19 Visitor Badge

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2. Enter the visitor’s phone number at sign-in

Why ask for their phone number? To contact anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 at your client's facility, as part of a “Contact Tracing” protocol for reducing the further spread of the disease.

TAB-Expiring and NON-Expiring Badges
(with special Contact Stub)

To order, call 800-243-1969 now.



Clients can use their current visitor badges and add an EXPIRING STICKER to show that visitors have been screened that day.

TODAY: Combine the two stickers and apply to the badge.
TOMORROW: The sticker shows “VOID,” alerting your client that the visitor wasn’t screened that day.

2-part Dot Sets
Stickers with an open red circle that expires
- This shows your client's staff that visitors have been screened.
- The sticker changes color overnight, so the visitor badge can’t be reused.

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