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Trade Show Eyes

by Josette Lumbruno

Having just returned from a very large trade show in Las Vegas, I decided to reflect back on the show and write about what I saw and heard.

Typically, most visitors to our booth were friendly, courteous and interested in our products. The conversations ranged from politics (I just listened, trade shows are no place for me to debate this topic) to the weather.

Being an exhibitor at a trade show, it is important to draw traffic into your booth. This can be done by fancy trade show displays, balloons, flashing lights, and yes, even pretty models to draw attention to your products in your booth, which brings me to share an observation that my colleague, Deb, and I noticed.

Eye contact - yup that’s right! Attendees walking the aisles rarely looked at the exhibitors in the eyes, hoping to remain invisible unless they wanted to make contact with you. The attendees looked at floor, the table skirts and the products on display, rather than looking up at the displays behind the table where they might “accidently” make eye contact, rendering them to stop and chat with you.

Fortunately, Deb had no trouble bringing folks into our booth once eye contact was made. Knowing this might just change how we draw visitors into our booth, with eye-catching messaging on our table skirt or more flash on our table countertop displaying our products. Either way, it was definitely a learning experience.

So, exhibitors and attendees, its okay to make eye contact with us, we get it.

Until the next show……………………….

Posted on 1/21/2015