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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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The Visitor Badge Sign-In Book improved security for a company in California

by Paul Kazlauskas

“Super easy to order, friendly staff, prompt response and order confirmation, and quick delivery of our visitor pass book! Love these guys, been using them for years.”
      -  Shane Jeftic, Dynamic Automation & Robotics in Simi Valley, CA

The Challenge

Dynamic Automation & Robotics was looking for a good visitor badge sign-in book. Their building in California gets visitors and they were looking to get a better grasp on who was in their building at all times.

The Approach

Shane Jeftic came across the THRESHOLD Visitor BADGE Sign-In Book. The Sign-In Book improves building security. As visitors register and sign in, the Sign-In Book creates a self-adhesive visitor badge and automatic duplicate record at the same time. The visitor wears the I.D. badge, which tells everyone that they have signed in already. The visitor log serves as a permanent record of everyone that has entered a building.

“I love the number of pages in the book and the carbon copy design makes it easy to see who has been in the building after they leave”, said Shane.

The Result

Shane communicated that his facility has been able to track everyone who enters, and security personnel know who is in their building. Dynamic Automation & Robotics even found a way to inject a little fun into their visitor security protocol.

“When visitors leave, we have them stick their visitor badges on a rubber band – ball type mass of badges from previous visitors. This is a great conversation starter in the lobby while guests wait.”

A final comment from Shane:
“Placing an order is easy, no online hoops to jump through. I like that THRESHOLD sends the proof of the design before an order is printed. They have good customer support. I like knowing there is someone there to receive a Purchase Order & promptly respond.”

Here are some additional overall benefits of the Visitor BADGE Sign-In Book
:visitor badge sign-in bookLow cost: A manual visitor sign-in system is much less expensive than an electronic visitor management system. There is no equipment to buy beyond a book of visitor badges. There are no software licensing fees or additional system components to purchase either. And no electricity to pay for and no system to go down!

Minimum training: Most everyone has, at some point, filled out a visitor sign-in sheet. They aren’t complicated, and the fields to fill in are self-explanatory. The great majority of visitors to any type of facility wouldn’t need assistance filling out a manual visitor log.

Little or no overhead (badges, pen, writing surface): An electronic visitor management system requires some space to be set up properly. There must be room for a computer, a printer, and any additional equipment (driver’s license reader, business card scanner, etc). A manual sign-in book requires a lot less space and the only additional equipment you need is a pen.

Evacuation register/fire list: In case of an emergency, the manual visitor sign-in book can be grabbed quickly during an evacuation. This lets you know all non-employees in the facility and that information can be passed to Fire/Police personnel so they know who is still in the building.

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Posted on 2/10/2023