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The critical reasons why schools should document tardy students

by Paul Kazlauskas

Tardy student late for class. Did he get a Tardy Slip?

Tardy students are a major problem for schools across the country. Some teachers report that the first four to eight minutes of class is almost a waste of time as students straggle in. Not only do students lose valuable educational instruction when they arrive late, but they disrupt the educational environment and distract others who are in the class. In addition, when students are unsupervised in hallways and restrooms after the tardy bell rings—whether at the beginning of school or during passing periods—there is ample opportunity for misconduct. Excessive student tardiness has a negative impact upon a student's future. Some of the implications are academic failure, high school drop-outs, emotional dependency, drug dependency, fighting and bullying. Tardiness is a key factor in determining if a student will become at risk.

Many states across the USA require schools to document tardy students. This is a security and liability issue. Even if the state you live in doesn’t specifically require it, documenting the whereabouts of every student at all times should be a major safety and security goal for schools. There is a liability issue with the school if something unfortunate happens when a student was tardy without documentation. If there is no documentation, the school will have to answer to the town/city and angry parents about why the school doesn’t know where their students are.

Tardy Slips from Threshold are two-part carbonless forms perform two jobs in one step - the white first part is perforated, so a pass can be torn out to admit students, while the yellow second part provides an automatic duplicate record. The student has a physical pass to get back into class or to show a hall monitor if they are met in the halls during class time. The duplicate log gives the school a permanent record of all tardy students, by date and for what reason. Track late arrivals quickly, easily, and affordably with Tardy Slips.

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Posted on 1/27/2015